by Karmic


“Lighthouse was first written sitting in front of the piano, looking out the window of our house near the beach. It was a foggy day, so I couldn't see anything but the thick weather. Then, the very first lyric and melody came into my head. I thought about how sometimes we tend to get into a dark place in our lives, and like the boats coming into shore on a foggy, we need the help of a lighthouse. Your lighthouse can be anyone or anything that helps you get through a dark time and find a light that brings you home.” - singer/songwriter Laura Baruch


It's getting hard to see
the fog is rolling deep
But I won't try to fight
just let it take over me
And once it starts to clear
I will know what is real
and once I see your face
I will follow you my dear
Cause you are my lighthouse
you show me where to go
through the thick weather
you always guide me home
The seas are getting rough
It's getting real tough
For me to keep my grip
I'm trying so hard not to slip
And it's pitch black dark
The new moons out tonight
And I'm just waiting for your sign
To bring me back in with the tide
When there is danger, you’re always there to rescue me
Cause you're my lighthouse
You show me where to go
Through the thick weather
You guide me home


released March 21, 2017
Laura Baruch
Kylee Katch
Sam Murphy
Peter Kastner



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Karmic Los Angeles, California


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